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Drake University – Bachelor of Arts in JMC – Des Moines, IA – May 2017

– Double major in Public Relations and Advertising with a minor in Sociology

– Graduating Magna Cum Laude with Departmental and University Honors


Office of Rep. Jared Polis – Congressional Intern – May-Aug 2016

– Managed constituent casework and constituent relationships on behalf of the congressman

– Wrote and edited content for reports, presentations, PSAs, press releases, event memos and online publications

– Assisted in the planning and staffing of events on behalf of the congressman

Iowa House of Representatives – Communications Intern – Jan-Apr 2016 

– Wrote press releases and newsletters on behalf of the House and individual representatives

– Worked with representatives on several projects, including reelection campaigns and constituent relations

– Managed House social media accounts, as well as the accounts of several representatives

Iowa Environmental Council – Communications Intern – Jan-May 2015               

– Conducted a comprehensive communication analysis and implemented a new communication strategy

– Managed blog and social media accounts, and produced written and visual content for each post

– Maintained relationships with partner organizations though outreach and communication


DU AD-Vantage – President – Nov 2016-Present

– Managed all client work, including content analyses and advertising campaigns

– Managed internal club operations, including finances, social media accounts and events

Drake PRSSA – Fundraising Chair – Jan 2016-Present

– Planned, managed and promoted fundraisers and merchandise sales

– Managed online advertisements of fundraising initiatives, and tracked impressions and reach

– Created, executed and evaluated a full PR campaign as part of the 2017 national Bateman competition

Ash and Arrow Advertising – Account Executive – Nov 2016-Present

– Managed a team of advertisers to create a comprehensive, data-driven advertising campaign

– Acted as the chief strategist, copywriter and editor, overseeing strategy, copy and design teams

– Prepared weekly project status reports to show clients and acted as the primary client liaison


James Jolly’s Writing and Strategy Portfolio:

Download a copy of my portfolio

As a Public Relations and Advertising professional, I work, or have worked, for a variety of organizations in many different roles. I have experience acting as a researcher, strategist, planner, writer and presenter, in a professional and educational setting. Each of the logos below are of a campaign I’ve created and executed, or a company that I have worked for.  Interested in seeing content from my work from any of these? Ask me for excerpts from any of these plans!


Who is James Jolly?James Jolly generallyjolly headshot

The Professional Side

I am an advertising and public relations professional, specializing in strategy creation, account management and copywriting. I graduated with honors from Drake University with a double major in advertising and public relations. Currently, I am currently seeking employment in the Denver and Des Moines Metro areas. Because of my skills developed at Drake, I have become a talented writer, speaker and leader, and I pride myself on staying deadline-focused and results oriented. Check out my portfolio or my resume.

The Fun Side

First of all, I am a film buff, a storyteller and an environmentalist. Because I was born and raised in Colorado, I grew up surrounded by beautiful mountains. So I have a developed a passion for the  great outdoors and environmental stewardship. I am a sucker for trivia and random facts. So quiz me! I have a fraternal twin brother, Steve, and two sisters, Laura and Sarah, who try to keep me grounded.


Most importantly,  reach out to me if you want to talk! So find me online if you need more info on my experiences with PR, Advertising or the latest blockbuster movie!

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James Jolly’s Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog; here I’ll be writing all about the things I care about most: cinema and communication. I’ve got two recurring blog segments: Second Opinion and Jolly’s night at the Movies, that come out every two weeks! Read on to learn more about each segment, and don’t forget to leave a comment!

Second Opinion

Ever see a bad ad and think, “Who the hell approved this? Who thought this was a good idea?” I sure have had that thought. Second Opinion is my way of providing commentary on the good and bad PR and Advertising efforts I see. One day I’ll review a bad TV commercial, the next day a event that played out well. Each post will cover a different event or ad, but they will all contain my unique combination of wit and wisdom (and conceit).

Jolly’s Night at the Movies

As a card-carrying film buff, I watch a lot of movies, ranging from fantastic to Fant4stic (AKA terrible). For each post, I watch two movies: one of the best movies of all time, and one of the worst, according to IMDB. I’ll watch them, break them down and review them so you don’t have to. Oh, and there will probably be some light spoilers.